Member Benefits

Pro Member (

If you have freendia membership with you, then you are a PRO User of Freendia, you can post, comment, like or share on this site like you do at Facebook.

By doing this you get points that you can convert into cash rewards.

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Referral Benefits (Referral Program)

You need to purchase a membership from member store to avail the referral benefits. Your referral benefits will be added to your account once a follow referral buy any product or services from member store.

You can add your bank account to request the withdrawal of your referral earning.

Upto 20 Level Earning (Affiliate Program)

You will earn not only from your direct referral but also from the 20 referral levels. 
The Direct referral benefit is upto 18% depends upon the products or services. The earning benefit percentage may vary from product to product.